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Definitions of Life Insurance to help you decide what type of life insurance you may need:


Term Life: You choose a set number of years for the policy duration. It can be renewable or non-renewable. Has NO cash value, death benefit only.

Whole Life: A fixed premium for the duration of the policy, regardless of age. Accumulates a cash value with a deferred tax benefit. universal Life: More flexible than whole life, you can change the amount of life insurance protection as

your needs change. Flexible premium payments. Accumulates a cash value and you may have the option to choose what investment funds are used to grow that cash value. Can add a Waiver of Premium option and/or Accidental Death Benefit.

Both Whole Life and Universal Life offer benefits while you are still living such as a loan against the cash value for a down payment on a home, retirement income, a child's education, or additional costs incurred by a terminal illness.